The Mob Museum is three stories of interactive exhibits all about the history of organized crime and law enforcement in Las Vegas.

Head downtown to immerse yourself in an interactive experience on crime. The building that now houses The Mob Museum used to be a courthouse, built in the 1930s. Here, you’ll learn everything about the early beginnings of the mob in cities across America, their rise to power in politics and casinos, and how law enforcement eventually took them down. 

Participate in numerous hands-on experiences, like a police lineup where your mugshot is taken, undergo firearm training in a simulation of real-life situations police officers have faced, and enter the crime lab to analyze fingerprints, DNA, and determine causes of death.

Make your way down to the basement to be transported back to the era of prohibition by finding The Underground Speakeasy. Enter the bar through a secret door after you say the magic password. Once you’re inside enjoy drinks, food, and live entertainment in the 1920s style lounge.
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